What Type of Volunteer Are You?

Once upon a time in church life, when a general call was issued for volunteers for a certain event or for a commitment for a year, people would come forward with gladness. This is not a fairy tale. It was true. It even still happens in some churches.

In the vast majority of churches it would appear that with the busy-ness of life and the fact that church involvement is a lower priority than it once was, that volunteers are harder to discover. Those who minister among you spend a larger percentage of their time recruiting people to fill volunteer positions than they ever had to do before.

Also, with the increasing emphasis on high-touch connections with people where hospitality ministry must no longer be acceptable, but must be outstanding, a greater commitment from volunteers is required.

What type of volunteer are you? How can you make the job of recruiting volunteers easier for those who minister among you? What action will you take today to make the recruiting role of those who minster among you an easier task for them?

About the author 

Kyndra Bremer