An Upside to Social Media

While social media is – at its best – a wonderful way to communicate with family, friends, and acquaintances, it also puts a lot of things out there in the world for everyone to see, read, and respond. Even people who love sharing on social media can at times become paranoid about what is out there about them.

It is like the person sitting in their church worship service who hears the preacher for the day say something that causes them to say to themselves, “Has he been reading my Facebook posts again?” Figuratively they sink down in their seat, lower their head, and perhaps are embarrassed. In a few minutes their embarrassment turns to anger because the preacher has dared to expose something about their personal life.

One possibility is that there are several people in the congregation that day having the same “Is it I” response to what they are hearing.

The good news is that those who minister among you are no longer oblivious to what people connected with their congregation are thinking, feeling, or saying. You are telling the world on social media. The additional good news is that those who minister among you are now more able to reflect on what you are saying and doing in light of the commands of our Triune God, and the character and nature of the life and ministry of Jesus. Thank them!

About the author 

Kyndra Bremer