A Call to Deeper Faith

On the way home from church one Sunday a little girl asks her parents what it means to “fast.” The pastor that day had called on everyone to “fast” one day a week for an upcoming month as the church prayerfully considers a crucial decision in the life and ministry of the congregation. Upon hearing what it means to “fast” the little girl looks at her mother with a look that says, “You have got to be kidding me! What does it really mean?”

It is not unusual for ministers to call on the people with whom they minister – who claim Jesus as their Savior and Lord – to make some type of sacrifice or commitment, or to take some action that has the possibility to deepen their faith and draw them closer to our Lord.

While calls for sacrifice and commitment can be overdone and lose their impact, it is important to affirm those who minister among you when they call you to deeper faith. These ministers know that one of the strong challenges to a Christ-like life and a world that knows the unconditional love of God through Jesus Christ is casual Christianity. Rejoice with and thank those who minister among you and call you to a deeper life in Christ.

About the author 

Kyndra Bremer