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Gospel Saturation in a Multi-Ethnic Community – Columbia Metro Connection – Episode #019

Welcome to the Columbia Metro Connection, a podcast where you can go to get valuable, relevant, and quality resources for you and your congregation. SUBSCRIBE:  iTunes| RSS | Stitcher | TuneIn Radio | Google Play      The Columbia Metro Connection is sponsored and supported by the Columbia Metro Baptist Association and the almost 100 family churches that support the ministry of the CMBA.  This week, we have a […]

Insight 364: FaithSoaring Churches Acknowledge When it is Not Working

Congregations seeking to transform need to face the reality that not all congregations will successfully transform. In fact, only a minority of existing congregations ever transform in a manner that is sustainable. The majority has short-term fixes that allow them to continue to exist, but does not truly transform them. Congregations seeking to transform need […]

Insight 363: FaithSoaring Churches Acknowledge Numerical Growth is Not the Goal

Congregations seeking to transform typically want to grow. This is a reasonable thought. However, to truly transform it may be necessary to acknowledge that growth is not the goal. Being transformed, being FaithSoaring in response to God’s vision for the congregation is the goal. Numerical growth may be a happy consequence of a sincere transformation […]

Insight 362: FaithSoaring Churches Provide Coaching for Staff

Congregations seeking to transform want their senior or solo pastor, and any other staff, to have an objective perspective about their transformation journey. It can, indeed, be a difficult journey where a subjective perspective only can cause the pastor and staff to lose their way along the journey. Obtaining this objective perspective can be accomplished […]

Insight 358: FaithSoaring Churches Bless People in The Areas of Their Ministry Passion

Congregations seeking to transform find ways to bless people in their involvement in various ministries outside the congregation, and outside the reasonable ability of the congregation to focus on them. No one congregation can also be involved in, take up an offering for, and recruit volunteers to serve in every worthy ministry its members and […]

Insight 357: FaithSoaring Churches Are First Responders to Crises

Congregations seeking to transform are often first responders to crises in their immediate community. They have previously decided, prepared, and trained for what they would do to respond to crises of various kinds in their community. They have collaborated with other congregations and Christ-centered ministries in their area to be prepared for various types of […]