Gifting Among Ministers

Earlier this month we shared the same “wordle” you see here. At that time we asked you about the number of different hats your pastor and other ministers among you may have to wear to meet your expectations.

Now we want to ask a slightly different question. Is your pastor and other ministers required to have all the spiritual gifts listed or implied by the words in this “wordle?”

What if they do not have all these gifts? Especially, what if they do not have the gift you think they ought to have? As an example, what if they do not have the gift of evangelism? If a pastor ought to have any gift, it should be this one – shouldn’t it? How can your pastor tell people they ought to have gospel conversations with others if they do not naturally have these conversations themselves?

One of the most successful evangelical pastors in America who grew over 35 years a wonderful Great Commission/Great Commandment church readily admitted he did not have the gift of evangelism. What he did say is that he also knew that did not give him permission to not do evangelism. How did he handle this?

He continually sought to discover the staff and lay leaders in his congregation who had the spiritual gift of evangelism, and then he would coach them in doing the work of evangelism. This resulted in wonderful evangelism results.

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Kyndra Bremer