Circus and Monkeys

We would all hope that no pastor or other staff minister ever considers their church to be a “circus” and the members and attendees to be “monkeys,” but we can suspect that at times life in a congregation can be crazy and ministers are tempted to at least think things like this.

What are you doing in your congregation to contribute to a solid spiritual, strategic, fellowship, and governance base?

Without a clear vision of where a church is headed under God’s leadership, and even when there is a clear vision, without a commitment to align everything that is done by the church to fulfill that vision, church can seem like a circus.

Without people who focus on the spiritual growth of all people but embrace cultural characteristics rather than Christ-like characteristics, church can seem to be filled with monkeys.

What can you do, and openly commit to the pastors and other ministers in your congregation to do, to live into God’s vision for your congregation? During this month, tell your pastor and staff members that you are recommitting to be part of where God is leading your congregation, and are willing set aside cultural patterns of the past that may no longer fit into God’s vision for your congregation.

About the author 

Kyndra Bremer