Younique Coaching Process Cohort

The purpose of the Younique 4-day Experience is to help participants define their Life Call, design their life, and realize their ultimate contribution as God’s workmanship (Ephesians 2:10).  Built upon the Younique Gospel-Centered Life Design process this four-day experience is customized to fit the needs of the Columbia Metro Baptist Association core leadership team. Younique is one of the three primary services provided by Will Mancini is the founder of these services along with some other team members. Check out Younique at the Younique book at

Special Offer – Typically the fee for this training is $2,000.00 per person with a limit of 9 persons involved in each training cohort. Under a special deal with the Columbia Metro Baptist Association the fee will be $250.00 per person payable within 10 days of registration.

To register, go to We will bill you for the $250.00 fee.

If you have questions, please contact George Bullard at 803.622.0923 or If you have questions about the content and value of the training, contact Christ Reinolds at

A quick turnaround is needed on this. The deadline to register is Wednesday, March 17th.

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