The Bullard Journal for June 19, 2019

Wednesday, June 19, 2019: “Strategic Insight” Where is the Voice of the Holy Spirit Clearest? I believe the Holy Spirit is present everywhere seeking to draw people to the Triune God and speak into the lives of people. Not everyone is listening. At times the figurative noise of their context and cultural framework inhibits the hearing.

When talking about Kingdom strategy, is it possible that distance away from the context and cultural framework lessens the voice of the Holy Spirit? I do not think so. But, it does create differentiation in the work of the Holy Spirit.

It is not possible for a missiologist sitting in an office in a national missions agency to understand with clarity the missional realities of a neighborhood in a city far away, or a rural crossroads half-way across the country. Because they are focused on national strategies, it is difficult for them to even understand and hear with clarity the Holy Spirit’s voice concerning their own city or county.

On the other hand, a person on the street in a city or along the road in a rural crossroads senses the reality of the voice of the Holy Spirit in their context or cultural framework. I had lunch today with a pastor who grew up in a rural area of Richland County who could clearly describe the churching pattern and sociology of the place where we were meeting. His insights went back at least 150 years. My missional office is only 35 minutes away and I did not understand it. The truth is that both the person in a national office and the person at a rural crossroads need one another to clearly understand how to effectively communicate the gospel in each context or cultural framework. Neither can afford to ignore the other. They must collaborate to understand the full message of the Holy Spirit.

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Kyndra Bremer