First Impressions Team Training on August 24th

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First Impressions Team Training is often needed for the people providing guest services for your congregation. It is not just training when people start serving and providing First Impressions of your congregation, it is ongoing training and building a team spirit among the people who are the first people (and perhaps the last people) guests encounter when they arrive and leave your worship experiences for the first time.

First Impressions, when done well, is a culture change for many congregations. First Impressions must be continually changed to keep it fresh and inviting, proactive but not aggressive, and focused on the persons being served and not on the team doing the serving. First Impressions is a calling and a ministry, and not a job someone must fulfill.

With this in mind, we are pleased to offer follow-up team training to the presentation by Mary Ann Sibley at our Vision Day on May 21st. Mary Ann and her colleague Rebecca Parrish Carlisle are returning to Columbia on Saturday, August 24th for a First Impressions Team Training to be held at St. Andrews Baptist Church from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Registration is $19 per person or $100 for a team of six to ten. For a larger team contact us at and we will negotiate a price with you.

Register HERE. Everyone coming must be registered. Even if you do not know for sure that certain people will come, register them anyway as we believe this event will sell out. We will reconfirm registrations later. Also, we will not ask you to pay until August 1st so you can gather your team and make sure who is coming.

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