The Bullard Journal for July 1, 2019

Monday, July 1, 2019: “A Call to Action” An Uncommon Life of Fellowship. The second of at least seven uncommon characteristics of the very early church was an uncommon life of fellowship.

As I experience the Greek word “koinonia” transliterated into English, it is possible to think about the words “common,” “uncommon,” “community,” “fellowship” and others. The very early church had an extraordinary relationship of fellowship, however, that cannot really be translated or transliterated into any one word. It was richly characterized by “koinonia”. They had all things in common. They had daily experiences of fellowship in community with one another.

Many church buildings have a room they call the Fellowship Hall. Typically, these are places were food, fun, and fellowship occur. In many ways this is a minimalization of the concept of “fellowship” or “koinonia” that was present in the very early church.

Fellowship involves the ideal or goal of our relationship with God, one another, and the people of God’s world. We are in fellowship with God and one another when we gather for worship, for Bible study, for discipleship development, for expressing leadership, and for food and fun.

We are in fellowship with the people of God’s world when we scatter into our community for work, play, shopping, education, sports, events, and so many other things we do in life. At our best we represent a holy presence when we interact with people in a manner that illuminates the unconditional love of God.

Perhaps it is the churches who have the word “fellowship” in their name who get it right. Or, those whose motto includes the word or concept of fellowship. Fellowship or “koinonia” is the heart, soul, mind, and strength of our relationship with God, one another, and the people in God’s world.

I call you to an uncommon experience of fellowship as you benefit from the full expression of “koinonia”. May it be an uncommon experience for you that sets you apart as a follower of Jesus.

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Kyndra Bremer