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Expectation One of Churches Who are Members or Connected with CMBA

The Visionary Leadership Community (formerly Administrative Team) of CMBA has been working on a set of expectations for member churches and church network connections. These have now been approved by the VLC and will be shared for affirmation with the Missional Leadership Community (formerly Executive Board) during their September 2019 meeting. Each expectation also has […]

Expectation Three of Churches Who are Members or Connected with CMBA

Since CMBA is a member-based family of churches, it is dependent on the financial support of family members. Every church is expected to contribute annually to the general budget of CMBA either through a set amount, a special offering or gift, or a percentage of the undesignated offerings from their church. The long-term goal is […]

Expectation Four of Churches Who are Members or Connected with CMBA

Historically – before there were entities such as state conventions and a national Baptist denomination –there were documents know as an “Associational Letter” that churches would write to their association each year to report on their church and bring up any issues they would like to discuss. Today this communication has taken on the form […]

Expectation Five of Churches Who are Members or Connected with CMBA

Every member church is eligible for their pastor (or a designated person) plus at least one other person, to be official representatives of their church to the CMBA Executive Board (now called the Missional Leadership Community). Every church is expected to designate their representatives to the CMBA Missional Leadership Community and to ask them to […]

The Columbia Metro Connection Podcast Are Posted Regularly. Sign Up to Automatically Receive Them.

The Columbia Metro Connection Podcast was launched in 2018. This is a regular podcast targeting ministers and laypersons of the Columbia Metro Baptist Churches-in-Association–and all other interested persons. Twenty-nine episodes are now available. This is part of the storytelling emphasis on our churches-in-association. Our desire is that we might rejoice in, and learn from the […]

Types of Missional Engagement and Missional Support — A Document for Dialogue

Things a congregational expression or missional community can do to engage in and support the Missio Dei (Mission of God) in two categories – PME: Personalized Missional Engagement and DMS: Detached Missional Support. Both are an essential part of being missional. However, PME actions are the only ones that will transform the ministry of congregational […]