Expectation Four of Churches Who are Members or Connected with CMBA

Historically – before there were entities such as state conventions and a national Baptist denomination –there were documents know as an “Associational Letter” that churches would write to their association each year to report on their church and bring up any issues they would like to discuss. Today this communication has taken on the form of what is called the “Annual Church Profile.” While more statistical in nature, it is the way churches share who they are and how they are doing on an annual basis with their sister and brother churches.

In CMBA, as well as every other association, each church is expected to complete the Annual Church Profile report. It can also be submitted online to the SC Baptist Convention if the church is affiliated with SCBC.

  • CMBA Commitment: We will use the data from churches for two purposes: 1. To engage in research on the progress being made by individual churches and the full membership of CMBA. 2. To connect with pastors, staff person, and lay leaders in churches to share relevant information with them about the CMBA family and services offered to churches

The Visionary Leadership Community (formerly Administrative Team) of CMBA has been working on a set of expectations for member churches and church network connections. These have now been approved by the VLC and will be shared for affirmation with the Missional Leadership Community (formerly Executive Board) during their September 2019 meeting.

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Kyndra Bremer