Expectation Five of Churches Who are Members or Connected with CMBA

Every member church is eligible for their pastor (or a designated person) plus at least one other person, to be official representatives of their church to the CMBA Executive Board (now called the Missional Leadership Community).

Every church is expected to designate their representatives to the CMBA Missional Leadership Community and to ask them to attend the two meetings each year which are currently held the third Tuesday of September and March.

Member churches is also eligible to have representatives on the CMBA Administrative Team (now called Visionary Leadership Community). This group has limited positions (15 at this time) that come from member churches.

Church Network Connections are not eligible to have these representatives.CMBA Commitment: We will provide meaningful gatherings of the Missional Leadership Community that will inform and inspire attendees and share meaningful information they can take back to their churches.

The Visionary Leadership Community (formerly Administrative Team) of CMBA has been working on a set of expectations for member churches and church network connections. These have now been approved by the VLC and will be shared for affirmation with the Missional Leadership Community (formerly Executive Board) during their September 2019 meeting.

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Kyndra Bremer