For the Glory of God – Columbia Metro Connection – Episode #033

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The Columbia Metro Connection is sponsored and supported by the Columbia Metro Baptist Association and the almost 100 family churches that support the ministry of the CMBA.  Host for this week’s episode are George Bullard, Executive Director for the CMBA and Chris Reinolds, Certified Church Consultant & Lead Pastor at Killian Baptist Church.

Joining us this week is Dr. Valerie Carter Smith, Executive Director of the WMU of Virginia of the Baptist General Association of Virginia.  In her life thus far, Dr. Smith has been a wife, a mother, a widow, a teacher, a missionary, an orphan, a sister, and a leader.  But in the midst of all of those things, since the age of nine, she has been a faithful follower of Jesus Christ.  Dr. Smith’s life is a beautiful picture of how, in the hands of God, that which is broken can be made new, and more beautiful.

Dr. Smith also joined us at our monthly Vision Tuesday event to share about the work that WMU and Sisters Who Care are doing in and around the country. Watch the LiveStream on Facebook.

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Kyndra Bremer