Missional Partnerships

Our One Priority

Our One Priority To start and strengthen congregations to serve as vital and vibrant missional communities.

Or in More Detail . . . To start and strength congregational expressions in a manner that empowers them to serve as vital and vibrant missional communities who reach and nurture the lost, unchurched, underchurched, and dechurched people who live or visit in our associational fellowship area, or who live wherever in God’s world our congregations are sent and received.

Missions Partnerships

Missions Partnerships focus on engaging the lost and sharing the gospel in the Midlands, across South Carolina, the United States, and around the world. CMBA is in the process of identifying an international focus area to collectively partner to reach. Our churches are encouraged to partner together through short term trips, prayer, and other types of support including working directly with local professionals. CMBA is in partnership with The South Carolina Baptist Convention, North American Mission Board, and International Mission Board.

For more information about any CMBA missions partnership opportunities, contact Jamie@ColumbiaMetro.org.