Empowering Congregations

Our One Priority

Our One Priority To start and strengthen congregations to serve as vital and vibrant missional communities.

Or in More Detail . . . To start and strength congregational expressions in a manner that empowers them to serve as vital and vibrant missional communities who reach and nurture the lost, unchurched, underchurched, and dechurched people who live or visit in our associational fellowship area, or who live wherever in God’s world our congregations are sent and received.

Empowering Congregations

Empowering Congregations is the core associational strategy that seeks to connect with congregations as vital and vibrant missional communities. This strategy is the key emphasis of the Director of Missions, George Bullard, and other staff and consultants of CMBA.

For more information, contact GeorgeBullard@ColumbiaMetro.org or EmpoweringCongregations@ColumbiaMetro.org.

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