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Columbia Metro: Mission Local — The Concept

CMBA desires to raise awareness of the need for missional deployment within our local context by our family of congregations in the Midlands of South Carolina. This does not suggest missional deployment beyond the Midlands is unimportant. It is very important. It is essential to fulfill the Great Commission in the spirit of the Great […]

VLC Discusses CMBA Denominee Vision Casting


The CMBA Visionary Leadership Community (VLC) met Tuesday, February 15, at North Point Community Church to conduct business and share ministry updates. Vice Moderator and North Point Pastor Freddy Johnson welcomed the group, as previewed last week in CMBA’s VLC Member Spotlight. VLC members heard an update on the Denominee Journey from Executive Director George […]

VLC Adopts Creation of Bylaws Revision Team


The CMBA Visionary Leadership Community (VLC) met at Spring Valley Baptist to conduct business and share ministry updates on Tuesday, October 19. VLC members heard Team Huddle reports from its subgroups regarding ongoing work with CMBA churches through Our One Priority to “start and strengthen congregations to serve as vital and vibrant missional communities.” These […]

Now Debt-Free, Beulah Looks to Future Ministry

Oct-Story-1-Beulah-Baptist-WEB Download God performed a miracle through Beulah Baptist. This month the church paid off debt it had carried for 18 years, and the congregation is now looking forward to what other miracles God has in store. According to Pastor Cameron DeBrew, Beulah was a smaller church with regular people on regular salaries in the […]

Life Younique’s Individualized Plans Benefit Members, Churches


Life Younique is a process by which Christ followers can identify an actionable plan to apply their individual giftedness as they live out God’s unique calling for them. Ten members of the CMBA family will take part in an upcoming four-day training in Columbia led by Younique’s team from Future Church Company. Chris Reinolds is […]

CMBA Offers Mentoring and Coaching Capacity to the Sponsors of New Congregational Expressions

CMBA Offers Mentoring and Coaching Capacity Download Your associational leadership strongly believes that existing congregations plant new congregational expressions. It takes a one to three missionally-driven congregations to effectively launch a new congregational expression. The spiritual and strategic growth that happens out of this sponsorship often has a wonderful and fruitful impact on the sponsoring […]

A Dozen Essential Actions for Leading the Launch or Coming Alongside a New Congregational Expression

Actions for Launching New Congregational Expressions Download It is a foundational commitment of the Columbia Metro Baptist Association that the best approach to starting new congregational expressions is for the congregations to take the lead and do the starting, planting, and/or sponsoring. This is long-term the best method for creating congregations who serve as vital […]

MissionInsite Demographics and Lifestyle Segmentation Reports for Churches

George Bullard shares about the demographic and lifestyle Segmentation reports available from CMBA for financially contributing member and network connection churches. The various reports available and some worksheets are listed below. The samples show are for northeast Richland County which were requested by Spring Valley Baptist Church. To request reports send an e-mail to, […]