Captured By Vision Insight 097 By George Bullard

Killers of a new vision in a congregation are the people who will not let go of the old vision that has waned.

Long-tenured members who will not let go of a waning vision worship what was. They add heritage as the fourth person of the Trinity.

As Lyle Schaller said, “You can tell the old-timers from the newcomers at the church fellowship. The old-timers sit around the campfire telling lies about the past, and the newcomers do not understand the stories.” The old-timers are stuck on their image of the congregation of the past. The newcomers are looking for a fresh approach to faith and spiritual significance.

I am one of those older adults who likes traditional worship with some liturgical highlights. At the same time, I want my congregation to employ styles of worship that connect with younger generations. Can I have both? If so, I can give permission for a vision that grasps an emerging future, even as I reluctantly release the old vision that is waning.

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