Captured By Vision Insight 096 By George Bullard

In general, the longer people are connected with a congregation, the more difficult it is to see a new vision.

The routine patterns and habits within the fellowship of a congregation blind people to new vision. In older churches, there is a group of people I call 60-40-20 people. They are at least 60 years old, have been in church at least 40 years, and have been attending your church at least 20 years. This is a cohort for whom it is almost impossible to see new vision.

They are also overly churched culture people. They have difficulty being led to see new vision by people of a short tenure. They cannot speak the language of the unchurched culture. They can only speak the language of the churched culture.

They know the language of Zion and the secret handshake, and do not understand why non-churched people might think that hymns with the word “blood” in them are talking about some form of cannibalism, vampires, or perhaps zombies.

They still understand highway signs that suggest people are going to hell without Jesus. They do not realize the next generation of pre-Christians do not understand the signs, and if they did, they would be driven away rather than attracted.

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