Captured By Vision Insight 057 By George Bullard

Many congregations fall back on their mission statement as their vision, rather than being embraced by a specific vision that includes disciplemaking.

Mission statements, which should express a generic overarching sense of the mission of God for congregations, can easily fail to move beyond nice words and feelings to become a specific call to action for prophetic contextual service. Mission statements are too general without a clear vision plus strategies and tactics that fulfill the vision. A clear call to action is essential.

One church had a mission statement and considered that enough. Their self-evaluation of their mission went something like this: “While we do not have a clear measurement of progress in fulfillment of our mission, with all the faithful actions and some successful programs we have experienced, surely we have moved forward as a congregation.” Evaluative comments like this can be made right up until the day the church closes and locks it doors for the last time.

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