Captured By Vision Insight 056 By George Bullard

Vision is more about increasing and deepening disciplemaking than it is about successful and growing programs.

Program fulfillment is an inadequate call to action. Programs are seldom if ever the pathway to fulfilling vision. Not in our world. Fulfilling vision is about discipleship development involving spiritual formation, leadership development, and missional engagement.

Vision fulfillment should lead with a focus on developing adult disciples and empowering discipleship in other age groups. Congregations need excellent programs, ministries, and activities for everyone from birth to death. Yet the goal of programs should not be their own success and growth.

The goal should be to deepen the spiritual formation, leadership development, and missional engagement of followers of Jesus Christ. Effective programs, ministries, and activities that meet the real needs of real people in real time are the methods and not the result.

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