“I Appreciate You”

Do you remember that time a minister from your church came to the hospital during a critical surgery of a family member? Or, when a family member died and they visited in your home?

Often ministers do not say a whole lot of complex and deep things during these occasions. They are just there as a ministry of presence. They represent God’s presence and the care and concern of your congregation. In times of great stress and deep grief too many words can be trite and often theologically a train wreck with phrases such as “It is God’s will.” “It is for the best.” “It is their time.”

In the same way, you do not have to come up with magical things to say to the ministers among you during this month. Often just to say “I appreciate you,” is enough. If you want to go farther with a tangible gift, that is fine. The important thing is that you do it and that it comes from your heart.

About the author 

Kyndra Bremer