The Bullard Journal for June 10, 2019

Monday, June 10, 2019: “Strategic Insight”: Fair Weather Christians? I am not talking about people who failed to get out and go to church this past Sunday when the weather in the southeast USA was unpredictable and involved heavy rains and flash floods. Everyone must make their own decision about their safety.

I did have a deacon once who told me when he gets up on Sunday mornings and looks at the weather and considers how he feels; he then ponders if he would go to work on a day like this. Almost always his answer is “yes,” so he gets dressed and goes to church.

I am talking about people who are Christian when it is convenient and safe. When around other church folks, their family, or people who know they are a Christian and appreciate that fact, it is easy to act with  Christian character. When they are around unchurched persons, strangers, and those who do not know they are Christians, it is way too easy to not proactively act with Christian character.

I am also talking about people who want their church to grow, but when confronted with a list of actions in which they could be involved they are too busy, not interested, or even opposed to the actions.

The same principle applies to people who want their church to reach younger adult households but also want to be sure we reach those who like our worship, our rules, our facilities, our programs, our leaders, and especially our music.

Like the Fair Weather Christians who do not venture out to church during inclement weather, these Christians to no venture out beyond the huddle of church members or the gathering of Christians to scatter the seeds of our Lord. But they believe someone ought to. Just not them.

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Kyndra Bremer