The Bullard Journal for June 1, 2019

Saturday, June 1, 2019: “A Call to Prayer”: Summer is here in that school for the year is ending. Many congregations will be conducting events for children and youth such as Vacation Bible School, camps, trips, etc. Summer is a wonderful time to engage children and youth about the Good News of Jesus.

These summer events also present a great opportunity to engage the parents. Long-term the most effective evangelism and outreach will take place through addressing the spiritual needs of the whole household. Too many parents, even Christians and church members, engage in substitute discipleship. This is where they send their children and youth to church-related events in the hope that the church will keep them busy, occupied, and out of trouble, and perhaps help them develop as ethical—even Christian—people.

As for the discipleship growth of parents and their active involvement in a community of Christian faith, this is not a primary goal of many parents. Children and youth are worth our very best efforts. Yet, so are their parents.

May we pray and act on great spiritual and strategic strategies this summer that will move beyond doing Good Works with children and youth to connecting the Good News with the whole household. May this be our call to prayer that will long-term include a call to action.

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Kyndra Bremer