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Insight 358: FaithSoaring Churches Bless People in The Areas of Their Ministry Passion

Congregations seeking to transform find ways to bless people in their involvement in various ministries outside the congregation, and outside the reasonable ability of the congregation to focus on them. No one congregation can also be involved in, take up an offering for, and recruit volunteers to serve in every worthy ministry its members and […]

Insight 357: FaithSoaring Churches Are First Responders to Crises

Congregations seeking to transform are often first responders to crises in their immediate community. They have previously decided, prepared, and trained for what they would do to respond to crises of various kinds in their community. They have collaborated with other congregations and Christ-centered ministries in their area to be prepared for various types of […]

Insight 352: FaithSoaring Churches Focus on Connecting People

Congregations seeking to transform are less concerned about people becoming members. They are more concerned about having different connecting points with people. How people are connected with a congregation speaks to activity. It is about doing. Having people as members of a congregation speaks to their relationship. It is about being. While both are important, […]