Register for the Vision Day Lunch and Speaker — Tuesday, February 19th

You are Invited to Register for Vision Day Lunch and Speaker on the Multiplication of Congregational Expressions on Tuesday, February 19th at Noon at the CMBA Office (or another venue when registration grows beyond 30)

The Columbia Metro Baptist Association’s next Vision Day Lunch and Speaker is fast approaching on Tuesday, February 19th. The theme for the day is the Multiplication of Congregational Expressions in the Columbia Metro Baptist Association

Lunch catered by Blue Marlin catering is free. Lunch registrations are essential. To register go to

Speakers will be Erik Estep of Village Church, Greg Dowey of FRESH Church, Ant Frederick of Midtown Fellowship–Two Notch, and Brain Thomas of NorthStar Christian Center.

Check out these seven avenues for the multiplication of congregational expressions: 

  1. Traditional and innovative congregations that target one or more of the demographic and psychographic lifestyle groups within the associational area according to market research. Often such congregational expressions would be among predominately African-American or Anglo-American lifestyle groups. 
  2. Ethnic congregations among various Non-English and/or Non-Anglo target groups. An example would be to launch a new congregational expression among one or more of the 15 ethnic groups with formal fellowships or associations in the Midlands.
  3. Multi-Ethnic congregations. With the racial and ethnic diversity of the Midlands, it appears reasonable to launch congregations which are intentionally multi-ethnic and inter-cultural from the very beginning.
  4. RePlanting/ReStarting of existing congregations is an avenue of multiplying congregational expressions which is very appropriate and needed in the Midlands. At least a dozen congregations are currently needing to do this.
  5. New campuses of existing congregations are an appropriate avenue for multiplying congregational expressions. Multi-site is a strategy with great relevance for the Midlands.
  6. Within the realm of relocation, merger, and congregations becoming location partners are innovative approaches to multiplying congregational expressions. At times this approach may come about when a RePlant/ReStart is involved in the former location of one or more congregations.
  7. Congregations that choose to affiliate with CMBA to be part of our missional engagement is a way of multiplying congregational expressions committed to the starting and sustaining vital and vibrant missional communities

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