Partnership in Action: Crescent Hill Hosts Midtown Fellowship Baptism

CMBA celebrates stories of partnership in action! Midtown Fellowship Two Notch Pastor Ant Frederick says Crescent Hill Baptist Church generously responded to an important need his congregation recently had.

“We had some folks that wanted to get baptized but, due to limitations with our current meeting space, we needed to have our baptism service at a different location. Crescent Hill was gracious enough to let us use their building for our service,” Frederick shared with other CMBA pastors this week.

CMBA Associational Missions Strategist Jamie Rogers is grateful for the leadership of Crescent Hill Pastor Kip Vinson and to church members who offered their baptistry to another member of the CMBA Family of Churches.

“This is truly a partnership mindset and one that we long to see across our association of churches,” Rogers says. “We are not in competition with each other but are members of the same team – the same family – pushing back against darkness together for God’s glory.”

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Julia Bell