Multiplication of Worship and Music Leaders for Congregations

There exists a current need, and a growing future need, for high quality worship and music leaders for various types of congregational expressions. We have almost 100-member congregations in CMBA now and anticipate 100 more in the next 25 years.

While the need exists for traditional worship and blended worship, the greatest need is for contemporary worship. The need includes these questions: “What does the leader know about how to engage the congregation in worship, and are they consciously aware of the theology they are expressing with their music and lyrics?”

The need exists (a) to call out the next generation of worship and music leaders, (b) to equip them for worship and music leadership, (c) to mentor or coach them in their practice of worship and music leadership, (d) to provide continuing learning for them, and—most of all—(e) to send them out on mission to the existing and new congregational expressions with whom they feel called to serve.

The historic patterns—outside a local congregation—by which this has been done are disrupted and, in some places, diminishing. Once again, the best place for developing the next generation of worship and music leaders is the local congregation and the networks or families of congregations.

As a family of congregations in the Midlands, the CMBA desires to be proactive about the development of the next generation of worship and music leaders.

We perceive we need a community of current worship and music leaders who (a) feel passion for this effort, (b) feel a sense of spiritual call to this effort, and (c) desire to be proactive to create and sustain this resource. It needs, however, to be peer-led and not something the associational organizational structures pushes, yet something we would proactively support with appropriate available resources.

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Kyndra Bremer