There is a Sermon Illustration Somewhere…

People in Christian ministry often have decades of preaching, teaching, testifying, and dialogue with people either seeking spiritual guidance, attending worship, taking training, or wanting a clear understanding of what the Bible is saying in ways that can be applied to daily life.

One of the constant struggles in making so many different types of presentations is to have up-to-date and contextually relevant illustrations, metaphors, and analogies to make clear and memorable the message that they are seeking to communicate. For example, what is the point of this picture? Where is the illustration?

At times we all need to help one another. You know a minister may be struggling with a current illustration when they say something like “Do you remember . . .” and then they start talking about 8-track players in cars.

When this happens, humor them, appreciate them, remember this is the third presentation they have made in a day and they spent half of last night at the hospital with a church member with a life-critical medical emergency.

Remember, there is a lesson illustration in there somewhere.

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Kyndra Bremer