Ministers Are Human Too

Whatever you do during the month to show appreciation to the ministers among you does not have to be formal, fancy, or fabulous. It just has to be genuine, heart-felt, and personal.

If you are still of the generation or mindset that you place the ministers among you on a pedestal as persons called of God to spiritual leadership, just realize they are also fully human with the whole range of emotions. They face Blue Mondays after some Sundays when things do not seem to go well. They preach bad sermons as well as good sermons. They are often themselves in awe of what God does through their words and actions on those days they did not feel like being a minister.

If you are now of the generation or mindset that sees ministers as frail and “cracked pots,” just realize inside that may be true while at the same time they are trying their best to do what Jesus would do in any given situation. They believe God can do anything but fail. They know they are just to be faithful and let the Holy Spirit bring the results, but at the same time they are anxious about producing results.

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Kyndra Bremer