Share Your Gratitude

The next time your family is gathered around a table for a meal, or you and your spouse, or you and some of your friends, brainstorm what you most appreciate about the minsters who serve among you. Make a list. Prioritize it.

Then work on a plan to communicate with these ministers the top three things you appreciate about them. Doing it in person is best. A telephone call is good. A handwritten note is good. Even a text or an e-mail that is personal and shows your appreciation is good.

Or, look around next Sunday – or before – when you are at church and seek to catch your pastor or other ministers doing something good, right, or loving. Tell them what you experienced and thank them.

Would you like for something like this to happen in your personal or work life? Sure you would. How much more would your ministers like to experience this type of gratitude for the hard work they are doing to help you grow as a Christian.

About the author 

Kyndra Bremer