Gospel Saturation Insight 177

Insight 177: “Gospel Saturation intentionality must be modeled personally before you  can lead God’s people to own the lostness of a particular location. Pastors and kingdom leaders lead best when they have personal stories of missional engagement “ This geographical intentionality is not only descriptive of the first church, but a model for how the church takes responsibility for the lostness of a geography. The church should understand its mission in terms of a Circle of Accountability (COA). Until we take responsibility for  a defined place, it is difficult to truly see and own the lostness in that area. Here we are using ‘circle’ as a generic term to denote a certain defined place and people for whom God has asked His church to take responsibility on a continual basis. Sadly, many church leaders are quarantined off from the missionary context of their COA by virtue of their varied roles within the church itself. This must change for leaders to establish the relational authority to mobilize God’s people.” (Gospel Saturation Accelerator, pp.18-19)

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