Christmas Meals for Graham Correctional Institution

Our collective of churches regularly serve together to minister to the far reaches of our community and beyond. The pandemic has greatly impacted CMBA’s ability to engage the local population living at The Graham Correctional Institution.

In previous years, our churches came together to picnic and build relationships with people experiencing the darkest days of their lives. For one day out of the year, the floodlight of love dispersed the darkness “behind the walls” with hope and compassion. While the pandemic continues to prevent a picnic, there is a way CMBA churches can still share the love of Christ this holiday season.

Churches are invited to come together to help feed the least of these with a Christmas Meal. One church cannot do this alone, but the Church collectively working together can. CMBA is looking for at least 10 churches to partner together to provide a boxed meal from a restaurant or bistro for the entire prison population, which is currently 725 individuals. 

If your church desires to engage in this important ministry opportunity, please reach out to Chris Reinolds, Interim Impacting Communities Mobilizer, at or fill out the form below.

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Kyndra Bremer