Chart of Ten “R”s for Plotting a New Congregational Course

Radical Transitions and Changes When Congregations Fully Surrender to God’s Empowering Vision

Download the chart: The Ten Rs Chart, 05.14.18

Tuesday, May 15th at the Vision Tuesday gathering The Ten “R”s Chart was introduced. It covers ten choices for congregations who are more than a generation old and likely have been plateaued and declining for some years. They are now at a place where they need to consider doing something which is a radical departure from their previous pattern.

This is a follow-up to the ten articles on this subject that have been shared on our web site at and on our Facebook Page at On or before June 1st a full manuscript of the these articles will be released.

Congregations who would like assistance in interpreting these choices and assessing what is next for their congregation should contact the association at


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Kyndra Bremer