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Insight 080: FaithSoaring Churches Engage in Intentional Efforts to Deepen Community

As new people come into a congregation and as longer-tenured people transition out, the fellowship and sense of community in a congregation shifts. Many people know fewer people as true friends. The natural creation of small groups and clichés occur; often without any intentionality. Smart congregations engage in intentional efforts to deepen true community within […]

Insight 079: FaithSoaring Churches Die with Dignity and a Legacy

Some congregations cannot transform in their current form. The resistance to transition and change is too strong. The resources for transformation are missing. The number of leaders with energy for a new direction is small. Only the direct, dramatic, divine intervention of God can turn the congregation around. Such congregations need to consider dying with […]

Insight 078: FaithSoaring Churches Learn from Congregations Who Recently Transformed

Congregations who need to transform can experience how other congregations have transformed. The ones they need to seek are those who are a little larger, of a compatible denominational culture, with a congruent theology of leadership, in a similar type of context, and who have gone through a transformation process in recent years. This is […]

Insight 076: FaithSoaring Churches Overcome Resistance to Transition and Change

No congregation with high resistance to transition and change that may lead to transformation has a clear vision for the future. The two are incompatible. If a congregation is motivated by a clear vision from God for its full Kingdom potential its willingness to transition and change will empower forward progress. If a congregation is […]

Insight 075: FaithSoaring Churches Use Every Opportunity to Be Purposeful

Many congregations get busy. They get busy about being busy. They add things to their calendar thinking that more things will produce more results. It is the Protestant work ethic fully enshrined.  But, does it help the congregation to more faithful, effective, and innovative? Is it empowering the transformation of the congregation? Seldom. Congregations truly […]