Captured By Vision Insight 101 By George Bullard

When the first century church at Jerusalem lost vision and slowed missional action, it invented the holy huddle. Now many congregations follow their example and hoard the Good News.

The biggest vision killer is when congregations lose vision and huddle. They fear failing more than being open to joyously fulfilling God’s empowering vision for them. They focus more on taking care of one another than they do on caring for those most in need of a Christ-centered, faith-based relationship in their lives.

Out of guilt, obedience, or a sense of duty they engage in what I call “detached” missional engagement. It is detached from the full ministry of the congregation. They do not expect to be sitting next to the people to whom they minister during the week when they worship on Sunday.

This is missional engagement where congregations perform a ministry service either to or at people they never see otherwise. There is no attempt at holistic ministry that deals with physical, social, and emotional needs as well as spiritual needs.

Congregations gathered in holy huddle have difficulty ever seeing Jesus as the embodiment of God’s empowering vision for them. They age, slowly decline, and at some point become dysfunctional. They hoard good news rather than sow the Good News.

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