Captured By Vision Insight 094 By George Bullard

Vision which is not fulfilled in new and innovative ways each year will become stale and lose its cutting edge.

As empowering as it is to be captured by God’s vision, that vision does not come with a playbook for living into it. New and innovative methods for living into the vision still must be crafted annually. Recruit the most passionate and creative people in your congregation, who are committed to continual innovation, to help navigate the way forward.

There still will be resistance to change. This will come particularly from people who cannot see or accept new methodologies. No one ever told them they would have to change.

They also may never have affirmed the congregational vision and its future story of ministry. So, they feel no ownership. They kill vision. They feel justified in resisting change to old ways they find acceptance and comfort.

When congregational vision becomes stale, that does not always mean vision is gone. It may only mean ownership and excitement surrounding vision has drifted away. It may be possible to reactivate this ownership and refocus the vision.

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