Captured By Vision Insight 093 By George Bullard

Vision does not call for the rejection of heritage. It sees heritage as a foundation, a centering, and a mooring.

Heritage provides a foundation. For example, the substance of worship, such as who congregations worship and why, never changes. We always worship the Triune God. That is not open for negotiation. Congregations are not planning to worship a popular entertainer, actor, politician, or other persons of notoriety.

I did once visit a church on the west coast of the United States that had persons of notoriety painted on the ceiling and they danced around in a circle celebrating these people. Let’s not go there today.

Our theology, which is our substance, gives us a centering and mooring about our long-term commitments as a congregation. It is when this centering changes that congregations and denominations split, or separate into multiple parts, and vision becomes confused.

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