Captured By Vision Insight 092 By George Bullard

Vision is always about the future, never about the past. The past is a prelude to the emerging future.

Congregational vision is never about going back to the past. It is always going forward to the future. I tell congregations one four-letter word to eliminate from their speech is the word “back.” While our God is the God of the past, present, and future, I believe God celebrates when congregations become more Christ-like and are more prophetically involved in missional engagement with a future consequence.

The past does have an important role to play in the future. It is prelude to the future worship of the Triune God as we live into God’s empowering vision.

Prelude is not just that music played before the worship service begins, while people are still visiting with one another, the choir or praise band is getting in place, or a countdown clock on screens is letting you know visiting time is short. Prelude is what happens before actions of a deeper scope or high importance begin to take place.

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