Captured By Vision Insight 089 By George Bullard

Vision is about leaving your land of heritage and going forward to a new place God will show you as was experienced by Abram in Genesis 12:1-4.

Congregational vision, because it is from God and is about the future and is responding to the call of God to go forth to a new place of dwelling. It is not necessarily about moving to a new physical location, but it is about going on a spiritual and strategic journey in response to God’s call.

It usually does involve a leaving. Congregations must be willing to leave their current place in their spiritual and strategic journey and serve in new dimensions of ministry.

In leaving, congregations are not asked to forget their heritage, but to use their heritage as a foundation for what’s next in their journey. Heritage can be remembered, appreciated, and acted on as a starting point to engage in new and prophetic ministry that fulfills God’s empowering vision.

Vision killers may want their congregation to be reimaged in their image. But only God’s image is sufficient.

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