Captured By Vision Insight 088 By George Bullard

If vision is too clear it may be too short-term, not sufficiently challenging, prophetic, or focused on your full Kingdom potential.

The vision people develop is like your car’s right-hand mirror that reads: “Objects in this mirror are closer than they appear.” If vision is too clear, too close, unchallenging, and low risk, it is not likely the vision God has for your congregation. It may be the vision you wish God would give you so you could easily achieve it, but it is not likely God’s empowering vision.

It often takes a long time for congregations to arrive in a zone where they feel they are on target to fulfill God’s empowering vision. Becoming prophetic and Kingdom focused is not something congregations can place on their annual calendar and check off. Consider the following church.

Southside Community Church was started about 30 years ago with the vision of reaching one percent of their metropolitan area for Christ. In their case that meant 25,000 people. During their first 30 years, they reached a weekly attendance of 4,000 in five locations, and with almost three times that many connected with the congregation. They were well on their way to fulfilling God’s empowering vision.

The good news about their vision is that they talk about it all the time. They often tell stories about it. Many people recognize they have a personal part in bringing people to Christ. Their attendance in worship services, participation in small groups, missional engagement, and financial generosity are all part of vision fulfillment. They are always looking for ways to reach people with the Good News.

A key issue is how they keep God’s empowering vision fresh and renew it over such a long period.

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