Captured By Vision Insight 079 By George Bullard

The sustainability of vision may be dependent on how well it is cast to and owned by newcomers in the congregation.

The ability of congregations to effectively cast their vision to newcomers may be the key factor in vision sustainability. Even with all the efforts and experiences to become captured by God’s empowering vision for the congregation, if newcomers cannot embrace and internalize the vision it may be a short-term fix rather than a long-term solution.

For newcomers to internalize the vision they must quickly develop their own stories about how the vision is making a key difference in their spiritual lives. They must engage as participants and leaders in vision fulfillment actions. They must develop within their first six months to a year the ability to cast the vision in their own words.

They must be able to refer to the vision as “our” understanding of God’s leadership, and not “their” understanding of God’s leadership.

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