Captured By Vision Insight 076 By George Bullard

During a visionary journey God at times changes our plans and heads us to a new Macedonia as told in Acts 16:9-10.

It is possible your understanding of the vision and its fulfillment can change. This can happen in at least two ways.

First, the congregation may have misunderstood the long-term implications of the vision. They may get off track from God’s empowering vision and must adjust the vision to stay focused on God’s leadership.

Second, it is also possible within God’s circumstantial will that change in the situation of the congregation, the context of the congregation, and the spiritual maturity of the congregation may call for a new or refocused vision.

It is important that every seven years, or whenever there is a significant interruption in vision fulfillment, that congregations engage in a revisioning process to be sure they are on the right vision fulfillment journey, and to help newer people connected with the congregation own the vision more deeply.

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