Captured By Vision Insight 064 By George Bullard

Effective visionary leadership is supported by empowering management that is captured by God’s empowering vision for the congregation.

Management can be empowering and not controlling. For many congregations that is an unfamiliar concept. They primarily experience management as controlling.

It is a thing of great beauty when management people, administrative committees, or governance groups are captured by the vision of the congregation and see the great contribution they can make to empowering fulfillment of that vision.

Unfortunately, management leaders in too many congregations see it as their responsibility to control rather than empower the congregation. In its most radical form this control can be demonic. Where management people may be partially right is when visionary leadership engages in sloppy management practices.

God’s empowering vision seeks to empower congregations to be all they can be in the midst of God’s Kingdom. Satan seeks to control congregations and keep them from doing well and being people of Good News.

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