Captured By Vision Insight 063 By George Bullard

Vision fulfillment is about empowerment over control, relationships over programs, and hope over heritage.

Empowerment, relationships, and hope are the currency of vision. Control, complicated administration and decision-making, over programming, and too high a view of the congregation’s heritage is the currency of management. Congregations are often over managed by controlling leaders, and under led by fuzzy visionary leadership.

Too often a management approach seeks to move a congregation merely from negative to neutral. Management is concerned about fixing what is wrong rather than discovering and soaring with what is right and good.

The classic—and overused—statement true of management in many congregations is, “We’ve never done it that way before.” The heritage culture has infected many congregations. God’s empowering vision is about hope that builds on the heritage rather than the hope that heritage will one day return the congregation to dominance.

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