Captured By Vision Insight 062 By George Bullard

Management is only fully happy when it is driving the congregational vehicle. When not driving, it is trying to drive.

Management has an overwhelming desire to be in charge. Management believes congregations need more of what it can offer. Management feels leaders are not accountable and are not leading.

Even if a congregation is being well led, management people still feel leaders are not paying attention to all the right things. They continue to urge greater efficiencies, and they are partially right. But they are not sufficiently right that their concerns should always be addressed as a priority.

In the patterns of congregational life developed over generations, there are times when management must lead because there is no vision, or there are insufficient leaders to empower the vision. When this happens the driving actions of management are meant to be temporary to provide a respite for visionary leaders to renew their strength and soar with faith like eagles. (See Isaiah 40:28-31.)

But management does not want to give up the driver’s seat to a new, emerging sense of God’s empowering vision for the congregation. So, they may oppose the emerging vision, saying it is risky and out of character for the congregation.

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