Captured By Vision Insight 060 By George Bullard

Programs, processes, and emphases in a congregation must have their own vision that supports the congregation’s vision.

One of the key aspects of vision fulfillment or living into God’s empowering vision is that everything the congregation does must align with the vision. This is so much better than marching off in separate directions.

That means, as an example, the music ministry must support the congregational vision. The youth ministry must support the congregational vision. The missional engagements must support the congregational vision. I could go on.

The human resources team of one congregation, once it had been captured by vision, asked each staff person to prioritize his or her written position description. They were to indicate the new things they needed to start doing to fulfill the vision, the things they needed to stop doing, and how they could rethink existing things to help them better support God’s empowering vision for the congregation.

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