Captured By Vision Insight 051 By George Bullard

When vision is of a mediocre, business-as-usual future, then you get a future less vital and vibrant than you projected.

One of the signs of mediocrity in my denominational organization was in the area that sponsored the special missions offering among the churches that funded about half of our missional efforts. The year before I arrived their offering raised about $777,000. Their goal, however, for the next year was only $700,000.

I questioned this. It did not appear challenging. The director’s response was that they set their goals low to be sure they were met. I realized I had just witnessed mediocrity personified.

Their work and ministry had been plateaued and declining for several years at that point. They wondered why. I could have told them. In fact, mediocrity might have been a step up for them. Fortunately, a new director with a high commitment to excellence was soon elected to replace the retiring director.

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