Captured By Vision Insight 049 By George Bullard

When it comes to vision, good enough is never good enough, adequate is never acceptable, and mediocrity is never excellence.

In chapter three I referred to my work at the national missions agency of my denomination. Excellence was our standard as we worked to fulfill the mission and vision embodied in the Great Commission.

When I moved to a state level missional role, I was shocked to discover the measuring rod was extremely different. What we considered mediocre at the national agency was excellence in the state.

That gap in the understanding of excellence made it very difficult to engage in leading edge missional efforts. When I led my team to excellence we were criticized by others who did not appreciate the competition and the higher benchmark we were setting. As one colleague who led another team said to me, “When you get too far out in front of us, you make a good target. We have guns and an itchy trigger finger.”

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