Captured By Vision Insight 041 By George Bullard

Too much focus on a professionally crafted vision statement takes the focus off a real visionary experience.

While your vision statement must communicate clearly, it should not be so polished and sterile that it does not speak into the actual experience of the congregation. Have a marketing strategy for its context, but overly polishing your vision statement to use as a marketing tool often distracts from the power and passion around a vision.

It is not the well-crafted and professionally polished vision statement that is likely to increase the invitational quality of a congregation. It is the relationship with people, and the meaning and significance of the visionary experience in the life and ministry of the congregation that will entice others.

Stories about real visionary experiences that speak into the lives of others are the most powerful marketing tools. Yes, a professional marketing strategist can assist you in realizing when you have some great stories, but they do not originate them. The stories must be the real experiences of real people connected with your congregation who are willing to engage others through their storytelling.

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